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PDFWAC 388-02-0387

How may you request that a hearing be consolidated or severed when multiple agencies are parties to the proceeding?

The following requirements apply only to adjudicative proceedings in which an applicant or recipient of medical services programs set forth in chapter 74.09 RCW seeks review of decisions made by more than one agency.
(1) When you file a single application for an adjudicative proceeding seeking review of decisions by more than one agency, this review shall be conducted initially in one adjudicative proceeding. The administrative law judge (ALJ) may sever the proceeding into multiple proceedings on the motion of any of the parties, when:
(a) All parties consent to the severance; or
(b) Either party requests severance without another party's consent, and the ALJ finds there is good cause for severing the matter and that the proposed severance is not likely to prejudice the rights of an appellant who is a party to any of the severed proceedings.
(2) If there are multiple adjudicative proceedings involving common issues or parties where there is one appellant and both the health care authority and the department are parties, upon motion of any party or upon his or her own motion, the ALJ may consolidate the proceedings if he or she finds that the consolidation is not likely to prejudice the rights of the appellant who is a party to any of the consolidated proceedings.
(3) If the ALJ grants the motion to sever the hearing into multiple proceedings or consolidate multiple proceedings into a single proceeding, the ALJ will send out an order and a new notice of hearing to the appropriate parties in accordance with WAC 388-02-0250.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 74.09.741 and 34.05.020. WSR 12-05-043, ยง 388-02-0387, filed 2/10/12, effective 2/25/12.]
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