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PDFWAC 381-30-050

New minimum term.

New minimum terms of parole violators (pursuant to RCW 9.95.125) will be set by the board within thirty days of admission. Factors considered in setting a new minimum term include:
(1) The length of time previously incarcerated for the commitment offense from which the individual is on parole.
(2) The SRA ranges of the original offense from which the individual was on parole.
(3) The original recommendation of the committing judge and prosecuting attorney.
(4) Whether or not the parole violation behavior also resulted in an SRA conviction.
(5) Nature of both the original committing offense and the parole violation behavior.
(6) The requirements of Personal Restraint of Locklear (118 Wn2d 409) and Personal Restraint of Cashaw (123 Wn2d 138).
[WSR 98-09-045, § 381-30-050, filed 4/15/98, effective 4/13/98. WSR 92-22-008 § 381-30-050, filed 10/21/92, effective 10/19/92. WSR 91-14-029, § 381-30-050, filed 6/26/91, effective 7/27/91.]
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