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PDFWAC 372-68-030


(1) Basin - See "sewage drainage basin," subsection (17) of this section.
(2) Ecology - The state of Washington department of ecology.
(3) Construction plans and specifications - The final engineering design before construction of facilities. Construction plans and specifications shall include, where applicable, sewerage system plans, plans of sewage pumping stations, plans for wastewater treatment facilities, and complete technical specifications for construction as set forth in WAC 372-20-030, 372-20-040, 372-20-060, 372-20-070(2), and 372-20-100(2). Construction plans and specifications shall be prepared according to criteria developed and selected in the preliminary engineering report (subsection (14) of this section).
(4) Drainage basin - An area from which surface runoff is carried away by a single drainage system. Ecology has delineated sewage drainage basins as defined in subsection (17) of this section for the purpose of administering this long-range water pollution control and abatement planning program.
(5) Industrial wastes - The liquid, solid, or other wastes from industrial processes, as distinct from domestic or sanitary wastes. These wastes may result from any process of industry, manufacture, trade or business, or from the development of any natural resource.
(6) Interceptor or intercepting sewer - A sewer that receives domestic and industrial dry-weather flow from a number of transverse sewers or outlets and frequently additional predetermined quantities of stormwater (if from a combined system), and conducts such waters to a point for treatment and disposal.
(7) Interstate waters - The entire stretch within the state of Washington of all rivers, lakes, and other waters that flow across or form a part of the state or international boundaries anywhere along their length, including coastal waters. Coastal waters are further defined as the ocean waters along coasts, straight or indented, which are subject to the ebb and flow of the tides.
(8) Intrastate waters - The surface waters whose drainage basins are solely contained within the boundaries of the state of Washington and are not affected by tidal influence.
(9) Municipal wastewater - Basically domestic sewage but including sewage discharging from sanitary conveniences of office buildings, factories and institutions, and such industrial wastes as may be allowed by the municipal code.
(10) Planning agency - That organization approved or designated by ecology which has the responsibility and authority for preparing the basin plans as specified in WAC 372-68-060 and which will, where possible, implement the approved plans through its authority to finance, construct, and operate the necessary facilities.
(11) Planning area - A sewage drainage basin (subsection (17) of this section) or combinations thereof which have close geographic, political, or social ties.
(12) Planning guide - The document which specifies in detail the recommended and required content of a water pollution control and abatement plan for a sewage drainage basin. See WAC 372-68-040.
(13) Planning level - That point in the anticipated community growth for which needs and solutions are determined. Planning levels of either the present, 1980, 1990, and 2000 or the present, 1985, and 2000 are recommended.
(14) Preliminary engineering report - A thorough engineering study which develops a sound and economical plan for a particular sewerage and/or treatment facility project (or projects), provides methods of operation and maintenance of such facility, and sets forth the water quality and design criteria to be used in the preparation of construction plans and specifications according to WAC 372-20-005, 372-20-030, 372-20-040, 372-20-060, 372-20-070(1), and 372-20-100(1). Such preliminary engineering report should be developed within the framework of the water pollution control and abatement plan for that sewage drainage basin in which it is located.
(15) Service area - That area which is or can be served by a sewerage system. Future service areas should be determined according to population density and need with consideration being given to the basin approach.
(16) Sewage - See "wastewater," subsection (20) of this section.
(17) Sewage drainage basin - These basins are adopted under WAC 372-68-100. The boundaries of the basins are as shown on the attached map.
(18) Sewage drainage basin plan - See "water pollution control and abatement plan for sewage drainage basins," subsection (21) of this section.
(19) Sewer - A pipe or conduit that carries wastewater or drainage water.
(20) Wastewater - The spent water of a community. From the standpoint of source, it may be a combination of the liquid and water-carried wastes from residences, commercial buildings, industrial plants and institutions, together with any groundwater, surface water, and stormwater that may be present.
(21) Water pollution control and abatement plan for a sewage drainage basin - A plan which describes a drainage basin or portions thereof and provides for control and abatement of water pollution and the protection of water quality in such basin by a logical interim and long-range plan for approximately thirty years into the future. Such plans shall be developed according to WAC 372-68-060.
(22) Water resource inventory area (WRIA) - See "sewage drainage basin," subsection (17) of this section.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.216.001 [43.21B.001] and chapter 43.21A RCW. WSR 88-13-029 (Order 88-62), § 372-68-030, filed 6/8/88; Order 70-38, § 372-68-030, filed 4/7/70.]
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