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PDFWAC 372-36-040

Industrial wastes—General requirements.

The following materials shall not be discharged to any drain or wasteway in excess of the concentration specified in each case. In no case will any of these materials be discharged to a canal:
(1) No oils, tars, cleaning compounds or inflammables.
(2) No phenols or pheno-like compounds in excess of 0.05 parts per million.
(3) No toxic materials such as:
(a) Fruit washing compounds
(b) Wood preservatives
(c) Insecticides—aldrin, rotenone, BHC, DDT, and all other similar products
(d) No weed killers
(e) Metallic or nonmetallic products of metal processing or plating—acids, alkalies, cyanides, copper, etc.
(4) Total salts, maximum 2500 parts per million.
(5) No salts or elements injurious to crops, soils or animals—aluminum, boron, arsenic, selenium, lead, manganese, etc.
(6) No wastes with a pH less than 6.5 or greater than 8.5.
(7) No floating solids.
(8) No suspended solids in excess of that which can be removed by approved clarification or settling with a 2-hour detention period.
[Rule .04.243(A), filed 3/1/60.]
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