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PDFWAC 371-08-325

Public information about practice before the board and public records.

(1) Questions about practicing before the board may be directed to the environmental and land use hearings office by mail or, during regular office hours, by telephone, fax, or email.
(2) The environmental and land use hearings office maintains a website with information about and access to the CMS for electronic filing, and information on the pollution control hearings board, including information about the board members, the board hearings calendar, past decisions of the board, a handbook with helpful information for practice before the board, sample forms, and links to the board's rules of practice and other pertinent statutes and rules. This website may be accessed via the internet at
(3) Case files of appeals pending before the board, past written opinions of the board and other public records maintained by the board under chapter 198-14 WAC are available on the website ( or available for public inspection and copying during regular office hours at the environmental and land use hearings office. The procedures for obtaining public records from the board are set forth in chapter 198-14 WAC.
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