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PDFWAC 365-230-380

Renovator and dust sampling technician certification and recertification.

(1) No individual shall perform lead-based paint renovation or dust sampling technician activities as described in this section unless they are certified by the department. Individuals seeking initial certification by the department to engage in lead-based paint renovation activities must successfully complete a dust sampling technician or renovator course accredited by the department. The course completion certificate serves as proof of training. Certified individuals may perform only lead-based paint renovation activities for which they are certified. To become certified as a renovator or dust sampling technician, an individual must:
(a) Submit a completed application to the department as described under WAC 365-230-150 and must provide documentation that the applicant has either:
(i) Met the certification requirements as described in this subsection for renovator or dust sampling technician.
(ii) Hold a valid certification issued by EPA or by a state or tribal program that has been authorized by EPA according to 40 C.F.R. 745.324.
(A) Applicants for certification based on certification from another state or tribal program must register their certification with the department.
(B) Certification based on a valid lead-based paint renovator or renovation dust sampling technician certification issued by EPA or by an EPA-authorized state or tribal program shall be issued with an expiration date not to exceed the date of expiration listed on the EPA or EPA-authorized state or tribal certification.
(b) A signed and dated renovator or dust sampling technician application.
(c) A check or money order made out to the department in the amount as described in the certification fees section of these rules.
(d) Application materials can be obtained by mail from Department of Commerce, Lead-Based Paint Program, P.O. Box 42525, Olympia, WA 98504-2525, by telephone, 360-586-5323, electronically at
(2) Individuals may first apply to the department for certification to engage in lead-based paint renovation or dust sampling pursuant to this section on or after the effective date of these rules.
(3) Following the submission of an application demonstrating that all the requirements of this section have been met, the department shall certify an applicant as renovator, or dust sampling technician.
(4) Upon receiving the department certification, individuals conducting lead-based paint renovator or dust sampling technician activities shall comply with the work practice standards for performing the appropriate lead-based paint renovation activities as established in the work practice standards, WAC 365-230-330.
(5) It shall be a violation of these rules for an individual to conduct any of the lead-based paint renovator or dust sampling technician activities described in the work practice standards under WAC 365-230-330 who has not been certified by the department.
(6) To maintain renovator certification or dust sampling technician, an individual must complete a renovator refresher course or a dust sampling refresher course accredited by the department within five years of the date the individual completed the initial course as described in subsection (1) of this section, or within five years of the date of his/her last refresher course for the discipline. If the individual does not complete a refresher course within this time, the individual must retake the initial course to become certified again. Individuals who take a renovator refresher course that does not include hands-on training (E-learning Refresher) will be certified for three years from the date they complete the training. Individuals who take a refresher training course that includes hands-on training will be certified for five years. Individuals who take the renovator refresher course without the hands-on training must, for their next refresher course, take a refresher course that includes hands-on training to maintain renovator certification.
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