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PDFWAC 365-230-170

Certification of firms.

(1) No firm shall perform or offer to perform any of the lead-based paint activities described in WAC 365-230-200 without first being certified by the department. All certified firms shall employ only appropriately certified individuals to conduct lead-based paint activities. The firm is responsible for ensuring that its employees follow the work practice requirements described in WAC 365-230-200.
(2) A firm seeking certification shall submit to the department a complete application as described in this section.
(3) A firm seeking certification must provide documentation that it either:
(a) Meets the current minimum requirements of the department of labor and industries regarding a surety bond and insurance; or
(b) Has in force a business, e.g., liability, errors and omissions, insurance policy in the minimum amount of five hundred thousand dollars.
(4) A certified firm may not conduct lead-based paint activities, as described in WAC 365-230-200, if, at any time, it does not have in force the minimum bonding or insurance coverage described in this section.
(5) The firm shall maintain all records pursuant to WAC 365-230-200.
(6) Certification is transferable in the instance of acquisition of a certified firm by another entity. The acquiring firm must notify the department within thirty days of the change of ownership of any changes to information submitted on the original application.
(7) The certification period for firms is three years from the date certification is issued.
(8) To retain certification, a firm shall submit to the department an application and documentation as described above prior to the expiration date listed on the firm's certification.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.103 RCW. WSR 07-07-044, § 365-230-170, filed 3/13/07, effective 4/13/07. Statutory Authority: RCW 70.103.0030(2) [70.103.030(2)], 70.103.020, 70.103.030, 70.103.040, 70.103.050, 70.103.060, 70.103.070, 70.103.080, 70.103.090. WSR 04-10-037, § 365-230-170, filed 4/29/04, effective 5/30/04.]
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