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PDFWAC 365-230-035

Application process.

The following are procedures a training program must follow to receive accreditation by the department to offer lead-based paint activities training courses, or renovation and dust sampling technician courses:
(1) A training program seeking accreditation shall submit a complete written application to the department. To be considered complete, the application must be on the appropriate departmental form and include all required documentation and attachments.
(2) Information that must be provided with the application is as follows:
(a) Name, address, and phone number of training provider and training program manager.
(b) A list of course(s) for which accreditation is being applied. For the purposes of this section, courses taught in different languages and electronic learning courses are considered different courses, and each must independently meet the accreditation requirements.
(c) The name and documentation of the qualifications of the training manager.
(d) The name(s) and documentation of qualifications of any principal instructor(s).
(e) A statement signed by the training program manager certifying that the training program meets the requirements under WAC 365-230-040.
(f) If a training program uses EPA-recommended model training materials, or training materials approved by an EPA-authorized state or Indian tribe, the training manager shall include a statement certifying that. If the training program makes any changes or additions to the model curriculum, the training manager shall submit a statement indicating the changes or additions and shall submit a copy of the new or changed curriculum. It is not necessary to submit unchanged model training curriculum materials.
(g) If a training program does not use model training materials as described in (f) of this subsection, the training manager shall include: A copy of the entire course instruction curriculum, including, but not limited to: Learning objectives; documentation of course agenda with time allocation for each course topic; the sequence of topics to be covered during the course(s); student and instructor manuals, and any other materials to be used for the course.
(h) When applying for accreditation of a course in a language other than English, a signed statement from a qualified, independent translator that they had compared the course to the English language version and found the translation to be accurate.
(i) All applications for accreditation shall include:
(i) A copy of the course test blueprint describing the portion of test questions devoted to each major course topic.
(ii) A description of the facilities and equipment to be used for lecture and hands-on training, respectively.
(iii) A description of the activities and procedures that will be used for conducting the assessment of hands-on skills for each course.
(iv) A copy of the quality control plan developed by the training manager. The plan shall be used to maintain and improve the training program and contain at least the following elements:
(A) Procedures for periodic revision of training materials and course test to be current with innovations in the field.
(B) Procedures for the training manager's annual review of principal instructor competency.
(v) Documentation of accreditation by other state or federal agencies, if applicable.
(vi) A check or money order made out to the department of commerce in the amount as described in WAC 365-230-120.
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