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PDFWAC 365-212-060

What expenses are allowable for reimbursement?

(1) The department is authorized to reimburse applicants for actual expenses, up to the maximum amounts, incurred in physically relocating their home. For homes that cannot be relocated, actual relocation expenses also include the costs for demolition of the existing home and the down payment toward the purchase of another home pursuant to RCW 59.21.010(6).
(2) Examples of reimbursable relocation expenses include, but are not limited to, the following:
(a) Breakdown of the home and preparation for transport. May include removing steps, decks, skirting, securing home for travel, etc.;
(b) Installation of the home at a new site. May include blocking, ERBS, plumbing, sewer connections, skirting, tie downs, utility/electrical connections, vapor barrier, site preparation, etc.;
(c) Transportation of the home to a new site or to a disposal facility, if not included in breakdown or installation costs;
(d) Awnings - Relocation of existing awnings or purchase of new awnings if required by park;
(e) Hotel accommodations - If new site is not available or relocation to new site takes more than one day;
(f) Insurance - One time only for transporting home, etc., if not included in transportation fee;
(g) Mileage-personal vehicle to/from new site for set up;
(h) Nonrefundable fees - Application fees, credit/screening fees;
(i) Permits - Local and state;
(j) Porch/decking - When originally attached to home;
(k) Loan interest fees - When loan is for the sole purpose of relocating;
(l) Relocating internal items - Such as household goods or furniture;
(m) Rental moving equipment - Car, hauling equipment, trucks, etc.;
(n) Septic tanks on private land - Installation and hook up;
(o) Siding replacement/repair - When damaged due to relocation;
(p) Stairs - If originally connected to home;
(q) Temporary storage for home - If new site is not available;
(r) Telephone - Disconnection/reconnection costs only;
(s) Utility conversion/upgrade - When necessary in new park;
(t) Utility/electrical connections from street - When relocating onto private land; and
(u) Any other actual expenses determined by the department to be reimbursable.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 59.21 RCW, RCW 43.330.040. WSR 03-07-036, ยง 365-212-060, filed 3/13/03, effective 4/13/03.]
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