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PDFWAC 365-196-530

State agency compliance.

(1) RCW 36.70A.103 requires that state agencies comply with the local comprehensive plans and development regulations, and subsequent amendments, adopted pursuant to the act. An exception to this requirement exists for the state's authority to site and operate a special commitment center and a secure community transition facility to house persons conditionally released to a less restrictive alternative on McNeil Island under RCW 36.70A.200.
(2) The department construes RCW 36.70A.103 to require each state agency to meet local siting and building requirements when it occupies the position of an applicant proposing development, except where specific legislation explicitly dictates otherwise. This means that development of state facilities is subject to local approval procedures and substantive provisions, including zoning, density, setbacks, bulk and height restrictions.
(3) Under RCW 36.70A.210(4), state agencies must follow adopted county-wide planning policies. Consistent with other statutory mandates, state programs should be administered in a manner which does not interfere with implementation of the county framework for interjurisdictional consistency, or the exercise by any local government of its responsibilities and authorities under the act.
(4) Overall, the broad sweep of policy contained in the act implies a requirement that all programs at the state level accommodate the outcomes of the growth management process wherever possible. The exercise of statutory powers, whether in permit functions, grant funding, property acquisition or otherwise, routinely involves such agencies in discretionary decision making. The discretion they exercise should take into account legislatively mandated local growth management programs. State agencies that approve plans of special purpose districts that are required to be consistent with local comprehensive plans should provide guidance or technical assistance to those entities to explain the need to coordinate their planning with the local government comprehensive plans within which they provide service.
(5) After local adoption of comprehensive plans and development regulations under the act, state agencies should review their existing programs in light of the local plans and regulations. Within relevant legal constraints, this review should lead to redirecting the state's actions in the interests of consistency with the growth management effort.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 36.70A.050 and 36.70A.190. WSR 10-03-085, ยง 365-196-530, filed 1/19/10, effective 2/19/10.]
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