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PDFWAC 365-196-340

Identification of lands useful for public purposes.

(1) Requirements. Each county and city planning under the act must identify land useful for public purposes such as utility corridors, transportation corridors, landfills, sewage treatment facilities, stormwater management facilities, recreation, schools, and other public uses. The county must work with the state and with the cities within the county's borders to identify areas of shared need for public facilities. The jurisdictions within the county must prepare a prioritized list of lands necessary for the identified public uses including an estimated date by which the acquisition will be needed. The respective capital acquisition budgets for each jurisdiction must reflect the jointly agreed upon priorities and time schedule. See WAC 365-196-405 (2)(g), Land use element.
(2) Recommendations for meeting requirements. Counties and cities should identify lands useful for public purposes when updating the urban growth area designations and the land use, utilities and transportation elements of comprehensive plans. The department recommends that the information derived in meeting this requirement be made generally available only to the extent necessary to meet the requirements of the public disclosure laws.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 36.70A.050 and 36.70A.190. WSR 10-03-085, ยง 365-196-340, filed 1/19/10, effective 2/19/10.]
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