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PDFWAC 363-116-077

Simulator evaluation for pilot applicants.

(1) Pilot applicants who pass a written examination and whose scores are among the top twenty (or such other number as may be set by the board) of those taking the written examination (plus any pilot applicants who tie a qualifying score) shall be eligible to take the simulator evaluation set forth in this section.
(2) The simulator evaluation shall take place at a marine simulator facility designated by the board and may be recorded. In this evaluation pilot applicants shall be observed by available board members but shall be evaluated only by those available board members who hold, or have held a minimum U.S. Coast Guard license as master of steam or motor vessels of not more than 1600 gross tons. The board shall also appoint a minimum of two additional evaluators who hold, or have held within ten years of the examination date, a state pilot license issued by Washington or another state. If the evaluation is for applicants to both the Grays Harbor and Puget Sound pilotage district, the applicants shall be evaluated as one applicant pool.
(3) All pilot applicants will be evaluated in writing based on some or all of the following factors:
(a) Fundamental piloting and ship handling ability;
(b) Ability to assimilate and prioritize all data necessary to safely maneuver the ship;
(c) Ability to respond appropriately in routine situations;
(d) Ability to respond appropriately in emergency or nonroutine situations;
(e) Ability to communicate well and project the proper bridge presence;
(f) Understanding of bridge resource management; and
(g) Understanding and command of the Rules of the Road then applicable to the pilotage district for which the pilot applicant is applying.
(4) The board, in consultation with its designated contracting entity, shall develop this simulator examination, determine the scoring method, the minimum passing or "cut" score, and the relative weight of this score to the whole examination in conformance with a psychometrically validated process.
(5) The board may require that the cost of the simulator evaluation will be at the expense of the pilot applicant.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 88.16 RCW. WSR 12-05-064, § 363-116-077, filed 2/15/12, effective 3/17/12. Statutory Authority: Chapter 88.16 RCW and 2008 c 128. WSR 08-15-119, § 363-116-077, filed 7/21/08, effective 8/21/08. Statutory Authority: Chapter 88.16 RCW and 2005 c 26. WSR 05-18-021, § 363-116-077, filed 8/29/05, effective 10/1/05.]
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