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PDFWAC 352-75-040

Application process.

To be considered by the commission for receipt of sewage pumpout or sewage dump station funds a potential eligible public or private entity must:
(1) Submit a letter of intent to state parks.
(2) Complete an application form prescribed by state parks on or before the filing date set by state parks in the application form.
(3) Agree that funds are available on a reimbursement basis only.
(4) Include a copy of the applicant's shoreline substantial development permit with the application.
(5) If a public and/or tribal entity, submit documentation of SEPA compliance with the application.
(6) If a private entity, submit an environmental checklist with the application.
(7) Agree to complete all construction by established completion date.
State parks will review all applications for compliance with the minimum qualification requirements as set forth in RCW 88.36.040 and chapter 352-75 WAC. Applicants which do not meet the minimum qualifications will be notified in writing of the disqualification. Applications will be evaluated and ranked in accordance with the following criteria:
(a)(i) Approval of site by local jurisdiction;
(ii) Proximity to existing sewage pumpout or sewage dump stations;
(iii) Resource sensitivity;
(iv) Boater use;
(v) Size of marina;
(vi) Economics of installation;
(vii) Feasibility of installation; and
(viii) Geographic balance.
(b) Based on the process set forth in subsection (1) of this section, state parks shall establish a priority ranking list. This list will rank all qualified applications in a priority order. The priority ranking list will be available for thirty days for public review and comment. One or more public hearings may be conducted if state parks determines there is significant public interest. Comments received during the public review period will be considered before the priority ranking list is submitted to the commission for final approval. State parks staff shall provide the commission with preliminary evaluations and rankings of the applications to include a summary of each proposal recommended for funding. The commission will consider the recommendations received from state parks staff and adjust the ranked list of applications based on the information provided to them, if desired, and approve the applications. As a result of the commission's decision, a final offer list will be developed and issued. If an applicant on a final offer list does not sign a contract with the commission within ninety days of the list publication, the offer is automatically cancelled, and the applicant must reapply and compete for funding during a new funding cycle.
(c) Once an applicant has contracted to participate in the boat sewage pumpout or sewage dump station program, he/she must provide state parks with:
(i) A finished final design approved and stamped by a professional engineer. Said design must be submitted to and approved by state parks prior to any construction activity.
(ii) Complete plans, specifications, and cost estimates.
(iii) Assurance through a certified statement that the bidding, contracting, and construction activities comply with the applicable portions of Title 39 RCW.
(iv) At the conclusion of the construction the applicant will provide state parks with:
(A) Contractor's billings;
(B) A19-1 invoice vouchers for reimbursement;
(C) Copies of all advertisements;
(D) Copies of all bids;
(E) Copies of all change orders;
(F) A copy of the original public works contract if a public entity, or a copy of the original contract with the general contractor if a private entity; and
(G) A copy of the contractor's performance bond.
[Statutory Authority: Chapters 43.51 and 88.36 RCW. WSR 91-15-103, § 352-75-040, filed 7/24/91, effective 8/24/91. Statutory Authority: RCW 43.51.050. WSR 90-10-052, § 352-75-040, filed 4/30/90, effective 5/31/90.]
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