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PDFWAC 352-18-020

Who may be subject to criminal background checks?

The Washington state parks and recreation commission requires criminal background checks on job applicants, volunteers, and independent contractors who:
(1) Have unsupervised access to children or vulnerable adults; or
(2) Persons who will be responsible for collecting or disbursing agency cash or processing credit/debit card transactions.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 79A.05.030, 79A.05.070, 79A.05.075, and 79A.05.065. WSR 08-24-006, § 352-18-020, filed 11/20/08, effective 12/21/08. Statutory Authority: RCW 79A.05.070 and 79A.05.030(10). WSR 07-24-001, § 352-18-020, filed 11/21/07, effective 12/22/07.]
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