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PDFWAC 344-12-070

Well history or record and well log (Form-2).

(1) During the drilling, redrilling, or deepening of any well, except seismic, that penetrates into the bedrock below the unconsolidated surficial cover, the owner, operator, contractor, driller, or other person responsible for the conduct of the drilling operations shall keep at the well, or at his headquarters in the state, or otherwise conveniently available to the supervisor, a detailed and accurate record of the drilling operations and a log of the strata drilled, reduced to writing from day to day, which shall be accessible to the committee and its agents at all reasonable times. A copy of the well history or record and a copy of the well log shall be furnished to the supervisor upon Form-2, prescribed by the committee, within thirty days after the completion or abandonment of the well. The well history or record shall describe the progress of drilling, the water, oil, or gas encountered, and such additional information as to gas volumes, pressures, rate of fill-up, water depths, caving strata, casing record, shooting, perforating, chemical treatment, general chemical composition, and volumes used of drilling mud, description and results of water-shut-off tests, casing tests, drill-pipe packer tests, and other tests, as are usually recorded in the normal procedure of drilling. The well log shall progressively describe the strata and formations encountered. In the drilling of exploratory wells, a ditch sample shall be collected at ten-foot intervals for the state and furnished to the supervisor within six months after completion of the well as a dry hole or as a producing well. In the drilling of wells within development units, a ditch sample shall be collected as directed by the supervisor and furnished to the supervisor after completion of the well as a dry hole or as a producing well. Any electrical or radioactivity logging or surveying of the well shall also be recorded and a copy furnished the supervisor within six months after completion. A detailed description of lithology shall be furnished to the supervisor within thirty days after completion or abandonment of any exploratory or wildcat well.
(2) All well histories, and records, well logs, ditch samples, results of directional surveys, and other reports submitted under this rule shall be kept confidential by the committee for a period of one year from date of filing if the well is a "wildcat" or "exploratory well" and if the operator so requests. (See RCW 78.52.260.)
[Statutory Authority: RCW 78.52.050. WSR 85-03-018 (Order 6, Resolution No. 10), § 344-12-070, filed 1/8/85. Statutory Authority: RCW 78.52.050 and chapter 78.52 RCW. WSR 82-12-052 (Order 3, Resolution No. 7), § 344-12-070, filed 6/1/82; Rule 12, filed 3/23/60.]
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