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PDFWAC 332-20-400

Sale of grazing and other low priority lands—Contracts.

When the board determines that a parcel of low priority lands shall be sold into private ownership for conversion to irrigated agricultural lands, the department shall enter into a contract with the purchaser for the conveyance of the lands to him upon such conditions as the board shall determine to be proper in each case. The conditions fixed by the board shall include the following:
(1) Payment to the department by the purchaser of the full purchase price, plus interest if sold on an installment basis, together with applicable fees.
(2) Completion by the purchaser of an irrigation system in conformity with the plan as set forth with the contract posted with notice of sales. The system must be completed within the time period fixed by the board which shall in no event be longer than five years.
(3) Such other conditions as the board may determine to be appropriate.
In the event the purchaser fails to satisfy any of the conditions fixed by the board, the contract for the conveyance of the lands to him shall be forfeited. The value of any improvements, less damages, made by the defaulting purchaser in partial completion of his irrigation system shall be appraised and fixed by the department. The lands shall be offered at public auction and, if leased or sold within three years to other than the defaulting purchaser, the successful bidder shall pay to the department the value of such improvements for disbursement to the defaulting purchaser.
[Resolution No. 79, § 7, filed 10/5/67.]
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