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PDFWAC 332-20-180

Preference grazing permits.

A preference establishes eligibility to persons for grazing permits on state range allotments. A permit authorizes the grazing of livestock under specific conditions and expires on a specified date. A preference continues until cancelled or revoked. Preference permits are issued under the following conditions:
(1) A person may acquire such permit by authorized prior use, gift, or by transfer through purchase or inheritance of base ranch property or livestock;
(2) The ownership or control of base ranch property must be maintained;
(3) A permittee must be the owner of the livestock placed on state ranges under his permit. Cattle must carry the brand of the person holding the preference permit;
(4) Preference permits may not be assigned or used by any person other than the permittee except by prior written consent of the department;
(5) No person shall hold a preference permit authorizing grazing in excess of 600 animal units;
(6) Preference permits may be granted to the holders of temporary permits only after such temporary permits have been held for a minimum period of five years;
(7) Nonuse of preference permits not in excess of three years for any seven-year period is permissible, provided approval of the department is first obtained and prescribed nonuse fees are paid; and
(8) Demits may be allowed provided approval of the department is first obtained and demit fees are paid.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 79.28.050 and 79.28.040. WSR 83-21-018 (Order 402), § 332-20-180, filed 10/7/83; Rules (part), filed 12/3/63; Permit Range Regulations § III (part), effective 6/1/59.]
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