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PDFWAC 332-20-170

Special use grazing permits—Issuance.

The department may issue special use grazing permits on range allotments under the following conditions:
(1) Every person must submit an application to the department for a special use grazing permit on state lands or other lands administered in connection therewith;
(2) The department may require permittees to give good and sufficient bond to insure payment of all damages sustained by the state through violation of regulations or terms of the permit;
(3) Special use permits may be issued for a term not to exceed five years;
(4) Special use permits shall be validated each year by letter from the department to the permittee;
(5) Special use permits may be issued for the following purposes:
(a) On and off permits may be issued and requirements imposed to herd or handle the livestock to prevent trespassing on range that is not subject to the permit;
(b) Crossing permits may be issued to those persons wishing to drive livestock across state lands or range allotments;
(c) Operational permits may be issued to persons for livestock actually needed in conducting permitted or commercial operations on state lands or range allotments;
(6) Special use permits may not be assigned or used by any person other than the permittee except by prior written consent of the department.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 79.28.050 and 79.28.040. WSR 83-21-018 (Order 402), § 332-20-170, filed 10/7/83; Rules (part), filed 12/3/63; Permit Range Regulations § II et seq., effective 6/1/59.]
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