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PDFWAC 332-20-030


For purposes of this chapter:
(1) "Carrying capacity" is the acreage required to adequately provide forage for an animal unit (AU) for a specified period without inducing deterioration of vegetation condition or soil;
(2) "Range condition" is the relation between current and potential condition of the range site;
(3) "Animal unit" (AU) is equal to one cow and her nursing calf or their equivalent;
(4) "Sheep unit" is equal to one ewe and her nursing lamb or their equivalent;
(5) "Free use permit" is a permit given in exchange for the use of land that is owned or controlled by a permittee and is within a permit range;
(6) "On and off permit" is a permit issued to an owner of range land within a permit range which authorizes the use of an entire range area but establishes no preference right;
(7) "Bonus bid" is a sum of money offered for a grazing permit on state land in addition to regular annual charges and is to be paid once at the time of the execution of the grazing permit;
(8) "Commissioner" means the commissioner of public lands;
(9) "Department" means the department of natural resources as defined in RCW 43.30.030;
(10) "Board" means the board of natural resources as defined in RCW 43.30.040;
(11) "Area" means the field administration unit of the department of natural resources;
(12) "Person" includes any public or private corporation as well as an individual or partnership;
(13) "Base ranch property" means a place on which to hold and feed the permitted units of livestock prior to and after the grazing season;
(14) "Nonuse" means that no livestock will be turned out on the permit range;
(15) "Demit" means that less than ninety percent of the permitted or allowed animal units are turned out on the permit range;
(16) "Crossing permit" is a temporary permit to allow livestock to utilize forage while crossing state-owned or controlled land;
(17) "Operational permit" is a temporary permit to allow horses or pack animals to be on state-owned or controlled land while operating a commercial enterprise.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 79.28.050 and 79.28.040. WSR 83-21-018 (Order 402), ยง 332-20-030, filed 10/7/83; Rules (part), filed 12/3/63.]
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