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PDFWAC 332-16-205

Plan of operations.

Prior to the commencement of prospecting activities which disturb the surface, the holder of a prospecting lease shall submit a plan of operations which shall include but is not limited to the following;
(1) The type, location, and schedule of exploratory drilling and trenching activities;
(2) Location of other significant activities, including type and depth of drilling, trenching, and underground development;
(3) Proposed roads;
(4) Proposed erosion control plans for roads, landings, drilling locations, and trenches; and
(5) Reclamation, including the method of plugging and sealing drill holes and underground openings.
Prior to the commencement of exploration, development or mining activities, the holder of a mining contract shall submit a plan of operations which includes items (1) through (5), above, and the implementation of the plan of development and reclamation submitted as part of the application for the mining contract.
If the lessee desires changes to the approved plan of operations, department approval is required.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 79.01.618. WSR 87-21-007 (Order 528), ยง 332-16-205, filed 10/9/87.]
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