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PDFWAC 332-100-040

Deduction determination.

(1) The board of natural resources hereby determines that a deduction from the gross proceeds of all leases, sales, contracts, licenses, permits, easements, and rights of way issued by the department of natural resources and affecting public lands as provided for in subsection (2) hereof is necessary in order to achieve the purposes of chapter 79.64 RCW.
(2) The department of natural resources shall deduct up to the maximum percentages as provided for in RCW 79.64.040 and related statutes. Except for transactions involving aquatic lands, harbor areas and trust land categories that have a deficit revenue/expenditure status, the deductions may be temporarily discontinued by a resolution of the board of natural resources at such times as the balance in the resource management cost account exceeds an amount equal to twelve months operating expenses for the department of natural resources or when the board determines such discontinuation is in the best interest of the trust beneficiaries. The board shall specify the trust lands subject to such discontinuation. The duration of such orders shall be for a specified time period calculated to allow a reduction of the resource management cost account balance to an amount approximately equal to three months operating expenses for the department. Operating expense needs will be determined by the board based on pro rata increments of biennial legislative appropriations. All sums so deducted shall be paid into the resource management cost account in the state general fund created by chapter 79.64 RCW.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 79.64.040. WSR 07-17-031, § 332-100-040, filed 8/7/07, effective 9/7/07; WSR 06-03-016, § 332-100-040, filed 1/6/06, effective 2/6/06; WSR 83-11-008 (Order 398, Resolution No. 419), § 332-100-040, filed 5/6/83, effective 6/30/83; WSR 78-10-039 (Order 308, Resolution No. 241), § 332-100-040, filed 9/18/78.]
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