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PDFWAC 326-20-185


(1) State certification is valid for three years, unless:
(a) The office decertifies the firm; or
(b) The firm goes out of business or has a material change in ownership, which is considered more than a ten percent change in ownership.
(2) If the applicant submits a declaration of continued eligibility as outlined in subsection (5) of this section, the certification will remain valid during the time the office processes the affidavit and until the office notifies the firm of its decision.
(3) The office will generally renew the certification as long as the business continues to meet the eligibility criteria; the business provides evidence of some level of activity e.g., gross receipts or evidence of continuing efforts to promote the business; and there have been no determinations that the business has violated chapter 39.19 RCW or its implementing rules in Title 326 WAC.
(4) Debarment of a business by the state or one or more federal agencies or local government jurisdictions may be grounds for nonrenewal of certification.
(5) Each certified business must submit a declaration of continued eligibility prior to the date of its three-year certification. The declaration form will be provided to the certified business at least sixty days before the date of its three-year certification. Failure to return the completed form within thirty days may lead to nonrenewal of certification.
(a) The office may ask for additional information or documentation on a case-by-case basis.
(b) For the first renewal after the enactment of this subsection, each eligible owner must submit a personal financial statement as outlined in WAC 326-20-049.
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