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PDFWAC 317-31-220

Modification of accepted industry standards.

(1) This section establishes a process for modifying accepted industry standards as established by the advisory group on cargo and passenger vessel substantial risk criteria and noticed in the Washington State Register, No. 96-03-082. The purpose of this section is to establish a process that results in enforceable standards while affording vessel owners and operators substantial input and notice.
(2) The vessel inspection advisory council is hereby established. The council's mission is to make recommendations to the office every two years, if necessary, concerning accepted industry standards for cargo and passenger vessels. The office shall review the council's recommendations and publish in the state register proposed standards. After the date of publication, the office shall allow thirty days for public comment. After consideration of council recommendations and public comment, the office shall adopt the proposed industry standards by publication of a notice of adoption and availability of the standards in the state register.
(3) Council members and their replacements shall be appointed by the office and serve a term of two years. The council chair shall be appointed by the office. Each council member may designate one alternate who may exercise that member's vote. The office shall invite the U.S. Coast Guard to participate as a nonvoting advisor to the council. The council shall comprise at least fifteen members who represent the following interests:
(a) Classification societies;
(b) Commercial fishing vessels;
(c) Environmental organizations;
(d) Maritime labor organizations;
(e) Maritime trade associations;
(f) Oregon state department of environmental quality;
(g) Native American tribes;
(h) Cargo vessel owners;
(i) Cargo vessel operators;
(j) Cruise ship owners;
(k) Cruise ship operators;
(l) Washington state ferry system;
(m) Washington state department of ecology;
(n) Washington state office of marine safety;
(o) Washington state pilots;
(p) Oregon state pilots;
(q) Washington state public ports;
(r) Public agencies responsible for regulating natural resources;
(s) Marine education and training; and
(t) The public at large.
(4) A meeting of the council may be held fourteen days after the notice of the meeting is published in the state register. The meeting notice shall state the date, time, and place of the meeting, and the names of the organizations represented. Meetings of the council may be convened either by the office or the council's chair. At the first meeting of the council, the office shall present a compilation of boarding results under the boarding checklist for the council's review.
(5) The office shall provide staff and administrative support for the council. The office shall also maintain minutes, public comments, boarding results, and other council records in a file available to the public.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.21I.030. WSR 97-10-097, § 317-31-220, filed 5/7/97, effective 6/7/97. Statutory Authority: RCW 88.46.050 and 43.21I.030. WSR 96-12-077, § 317-31-220, filed 6/5/96, effective 7/6/96.]
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