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PDFWAC 315-38-050

Play characteristics and restrictions.

(1) Official Mega Millions tickets may only be sold to persons eighteen years of age or older, providing such persons are not prohibited from playing Mega Millions in a party lottery state by the governing law, policies or rules of that party lottery, or any contract executed by that party lottery.
(2) Official Mega Millions tickets may not be purchased in any other party lottery state by any party lottery board member or commissioner; or any officer or employee; or any spouse, child, brother, sister or parent residing as a member of the same household in the principal place of residence of any such person.
(3) Under no circumstances will a claim be paid without an official Mega Millions ticket matching all game play, serial number, and other validation data residing in the selling party lottery's online gaming system computer, and such ticket shall be the only valid proof of the wager placed and the only valid receipt for claiming or redeeming any prize.
(4) Official Mega Millions tickets cannot be canceled.
(5) Purchasers may submit a manually completed Mega Millions play slip to a Mega Millions agent or retailer to have issued an official Mega Millions ticket. Mega Millions play slips shall be available at no cost to the purchaser and shall have no pecuniary or prize value, and shall not constitute evidence of purchase or number selections. The use of mechanical, electronic, computer generated or any other nonmanual method of marking play slips is prohibited.
(6) Purchasers may orally convey their selections to a Mega Millions agent or retailer to have issued an official Mega Millions ticket. Such selections shall be manually entered into the computer terminal by the Mega Millions agent or retailer.
(7) If player operated sales terminals or self-service terminals are available, purchasers may use such terminals for the purchase of official Mega Millions tickets.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 67.70.040 (1), (3). WSR 19-16-015, § 315-38-050, filed 7/25/19, effective 8/25/19. Statutory Authority: RCW 67.70.040. WSR 02-15-122, § 315-38-050, filed 7/19/02, effective 8/19/02.]
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