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PDFWAC 314-40-080

Designated portion of club used for service and consumption of liquor.

(1) Each club shall submit a sketch of the entire premises including the portion used for storage, sale and consumption of liquor, for approval. No change in any portion of the club premises shall be made without the consent of the board.
(2) Where the physical setup of the club rooms or quarters renders it practical so to do, such portion of the club premises shall be a room or rooms devoted solely to such service and capable of being entirely closed from the remainder of the club rooms or quarters. Bona fide members may possess and consume their own alcohol, as authorized by the club's license type, at any time and in any part of the club premises as permitted under the bylaws and/or house rules of the club, provided such bylaws and/or house rules have been filed with the board and except in those portions of the club where nonclub events or public events are occurring.
(3) Any portion of a private club must be closed to the general public when liquor is sold, served, or consumed.
During events that are open to the general public, members, guests, and/or visitors, may not possess alcohol in areas that are open to the general public.
(4) A club may conduct outside one-time events not to exceed twelve per calendar year for club members provided that:
(a) A request is submitted in writing by the licensee or designee at least five business days before the event which includes a clearly defined site plan of the outside area and the date, time, and type of event. Approval must be received prior to the event.
(b) The licensee must have lease hold rights to the outside area where the one-time event is being held. The outside area is adjacent and/or contiguous to the actual licensed premises, must not be across public right of ways, and must be enclosed with a barrier a minimum of forty-two inches in height. This area will be considered restricted and all minor restrictions under RCW 66.44.310 will apply.
(c) All liquor must be prepared, served, and consumed inside the outside service area; persons with liquor may not leave the outside service area. An employee(s) shall be stationed inside the outside service area at all times.
(d) Sufficient lighting must be maintained under WAC 314-11-055.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 66.08.030 and 66.24.450. WSR 10-16-056, § 314-40-080, filed 7/28/10, effective 8/28/10. Statutory Authority: RCW 66.08.030. WSR 88-08-056 (Order 246, Resolution No. 255), § 314-40-080, filed 4/5/88; Rule 110, filed 6/13/63.]
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