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Chapter 314-32 WAC

Last Update: 6/13/63


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF314-32-010Applicants—Federal permit required.
HTMLPDF314-32-020Duplicate records furnished board.
HTMLPDF314-32-030Adoption federal laws.


Applicants—Federal permit required.

No manufacturer's (rectifier's) license shall be issued, until satisfactory evidence is furnished the board that the applicant holds all permits or authorization required by the federal government.
[Rule 85, filed 6/13/63.]


Duplicate records furnished board.

Duplicate copies of monthly returns, transcripts, notices or other data, as required by the federal government, must be furnished the board not later than the tenth of each month. In addition thereto, such rectifiers shall furnish the board duplicate copies of the bills of lading, covering all shipments of the products of the licensee.
[Rule 86, filed 6/13/63.]


Adoption federal laws.

All laws and rules and regulations of the federal government, or any subsequent modification thereof, applicable to the rectification of distilled spirits, wines, cordials, liquors, etc., are by reference hereby adopted and promulgated as the rules and regulations of this board.
[Rule 87, filed 6/13/63.]