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PDFWAC 314-28-300

Off-site tasting room license.

(1) Distillery and craft distillery licensees may apply for an off-site tasting room license as authorized in RCW 66.24.146.
(2) Consistent with RCW 66.24.146:
(a) A distillery or craft distillery licensee is eligible for up to two off-site tasting room licenses located in this state, subject to the limit on the total number of off-site tasting room licenses under RCW 66.24.1473.
(b) Off-site tasting rooms may be indoors, outdoors, or a combined indoor and outdoor area. For requirements related to outside alcohol service, see WAC 314-03-200.
(c) The fee for each off-site tasting room license is two thousand dollars per year.
(3) An off-site tasting room must comply with all applicable requirements in RCW 66.24.146 and any other applicable laws and rules including, but not limited to, the sampling, service, and sales requirements in WAC 314-28-065, the tasting room age restrictions in WAC 314-28-066, and the food offerings requirements in WAC 314-28-067. For information on local city or county requirements, licensees need to contact their local government offices.
(4) RCW 66.24.146 allows an off-site tasting room to have a section identified and separated as a federally bonded space for the storage of bulk or packaged spirits, and allows products of the licensee's own production to be bottled or packaged in the space. A licensee engaging in this activity at an off-site tasting room must comply with all applicable federal laws and regulations and obtain any required federal approvals.
(5) Consistent with RCW 66.24.1474, an off-site tasting room licensee may add a spirits, beer, and wine restaurant license as authorized in RCW 66.24.400 at the off-site tasting room premises. The licensee must complete an application and submit the application and applicable fees to the board for processing. For more information about spirits, beer, and wine restaurant license requirements, see WAC 314-02-015.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 66.24.148, 66.24.1471, 66.08.030, 66.24.140, 66.24.145, 66.24.146, 66.24.1472, 66.24.1473, and 66.24.1474. WSR 21-11-034, ยง 314-28-300, filed 5/12/21, effective 6/12/21.]
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