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PDFWAC 314-28-050

What does a craft distillery license allow?

(1) A craft distillery license allows a licensee to:
(a) Produce one hundred fifty thousand proof gallons or less of spirits per calendar year. A "proof gallon" is one liquid gallon of spirits that is fifty percent alcohol at sixty degrees Fahrenheit;
(b) Sell spirits of its own production directly to a customer for off-premises consumption, provided that the sale occurs when the customer is physically present on the licensed premises. A craft distiller may not sell liquor products of someone else's production;
(c) Sell spirits of its own production to a licensed spirits distributor;
(d) Sell spirits of its own production to a licensed spirits retailer in the state of Washington;
(e) Sell to out-of-state entities;
(f) Provide, free or for a charge, samples of spirits of its own production to persons on the distillery premises subject to the following conditions:
(i) The maximum amount of alcohol per person per day is two ounces.
(ii) Samples may be altered with nonalcoholic mixers, mixers with alcohol of the distiller's own production, ice, and/or water.
(iii) Anyone involved in the serving of such samples must have a valid Class 12 alcohol server permit.
(iv) Samples must be in compliance with RCW 66.28.040;
(g) Provide samples of spirits of its own production to retailers. Samples must be unaltered, and in compliance with RCW 66.28.040, 66.24.310 and WAC 314-64-08001. Samples are considered sales and are subject to taxes;
(h) Contract produce spirits for holders of a distiller or manufacturer license.
(2) A craft distillery licensee may add a spirits, beer, and wine restaurant license at the craft distillery premises. The licensee must complete an application and submit the application and applicable fees to the board for processing.
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