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PDFWAC 314-20-015

Licensed brewers—Retail sales of beer on brewery premises—Beer served without charge on premises—Spirit, beer and wine restaurant operation.

(1) A licensed brewer may sell:
(a) Beer of its own production at retail on the brewery premises;
(b) Beer produced by another microbrewery or a domestic brewery for on- and off-premises consumption from its premises as long as the other breweries brands do not exceed twenty-five percent of the microbrewery's on-tap offering of its own brands. Beer not of its own production must be purchased through normal distribution channels; and
(c) Cider produced by a domestic winery. Cider must be purchased through normal distribution channels.
(2) In selling beer and/or cider at retail, as provided in subsection (1) of this section, a brewer shall conduct such operation in conformity with the statutes and regulations applicable to holders of such beer and/or wine retailers' licenses. The brewer shall maintain records of such retail operation separate from other brewery records.
(3) Upon written authorization of the board, pursuant to RCW 66.04.011, beer of a licensed brewer's own production may be consumed in designated parks and picnic areas adjacent to and held by the same ownership as the licensed brewer.
(4) A licensed brewer or a lessee of a licensed brewer operating a spirit, beer and wine restaurant, licensed pursuant to RCW 66.28.010, shall conduct such operation in conformity with the statutes and regulations which apply to holders of such spirit, beer and wine restaurant licenses.
(5) A brewer may serve its own beer and beer not of its own production without charge on the brewery premises, as authorized by RCW 66.28.040.
(6) No retail license or fee is required for the holder of a brewer's license to serve beer without charge on the brewery premises as set forth in subsection (5) of this section. Before exercising this privilege, however, such brewer shall obtain approval of the proposed service area and facilities from the board. Such brewer shall maintain a separate record of all beer so served.
(7) A brewery is required to obtain the appropriate retail license to sell beer, wine, or spirits on the brewery premises that is not of its own production except as set forth in subsection (1) of this section pursuant to RCW 66.24.244.
(8) Licensed beer manufacturers and their employees may:
(a) Sample beer of their own manufacture for manufacturing, evaluating, or pricing product in areas where the public is not served so long as the licensee employee does not become apparently intoxicated; and
(b) The licensee or employee who is sampling for these purposes is not also engaged in serving alcohol to the public.
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