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PDFWAC 314-11-110

What can government agencies other than the board do with lawfully seized liquor?

Under the provisions of chapter 66.32 RCW, government agencies may, after obtaining the approval of the board and under the supervision of the board, dispose of lawfully seized liquor as follows:
(1) The government agency may sell opened containers of lawfully seized liquor back to the spirits, beer, and wine restaurant licensee from whom seized if the licensee is going out of business and the liquor will be used for the personal use of the licensee.
(2) The government agency may sell unopened beer, wine, or spirits to the distributor selling the beer, wine, or spirits at a negotiated price. A copy of the inventory and bill of sale must be kept for three years.
(3) The government agency may sell unopened salable wine and/or beer to appropriately licensed retailers at a negotiated price under the following conditions:
(a) The product must meet the quality standards set forth by its manufacturer; and
(b) Copies of the inventory and bill of sale must be furnished the board.
(4) The government agency may ship the liquor out of the state of Washington.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 66.08.030 and 66.08.050. WSR 12-17-006, § 314-11-110, filed 8/1/12, effective 9/1/12. Statutory Authority: RCW 66.08.030, 66.28.100, 66.28.040, 66.28.090, 66.44.010, 66.44.070, 66.44.200, 66.44.270, 66.44.291, 66.44.292, 66.44.310, 66.44.316, 66.44.318, 66.44.340, 66.44.350, and chapter 66.44 RCW. WSR 01-06-014, § 314-11-110, filed 2/26/01, effective 3/29/01.]
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