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PDFWAC 314-05-020

What is a special occasion license?

(1) Per RCW 66.24.380, a special occasion license allows a nonprofit organization to sell, at a specified date, time, and place:
(a) Spirits, beer, and wine by the individual serving for on-premises consumption;
(b) Spirits, beer, and wine in original, unopened containers for off-premises consumption; and
(c) Wine in original, unopened containers for on-premises consumption if permission is obtained from the WSLCB prior to the event.
(2) Special occasion licensees are limited to twelve days per calendar year (see RCW 66.24.380(1) for an exception for agricultural fairs).
(3) The fee for this license is $60 per day, per event. Multiple alcohol service locations at an event are an additional sixty dollars per location.
(4) Per RCW 66.24.375, all proceeds from the sale of alcohol at a special occasion event must go directly back into the nonprofit organization, except for reasonable operating costs for actual services performed at compensation levels comparable to like services within the state.
(5) A charitable nonprofit organization or a local winery industry association is not disqualified from obtaining a special occasion license even if its board members are also officers, directors, owners, or employees of either a licensed domestic winery or a winery certificate of approval holder. The charitable nonprofit organization must be registered under section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, and the local wine industry association must be registered under section 501 (c)(6) of the Internal Revenue Code.
(6) If a winery is taking orders and accepting payment for product of its own production from consumers at a special occasion event to be delivered at a later date from one of its authorized locations, the special occasion shall include the name of the winery on the special occasion license application.
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