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PDFWAC 314-02-057


(1) Premises - Buildings, parking lots, and any open areas that are adjacent to and owned, leased, or managed by the licensee and under the licensee's control.
(2) Event categories - Types of events that the licensee expects to hold on the premises:
(a) Professional sporting event - A contest involving paid athletes and sanctioned by a professional sports organization that regulates the specific sport.
(b) Amateur sporting event - A contest or demonstration involving athletes who receive no monetary compensation that is sanctioned by a national or regional amateur athletic regulatory organization.
(c) Entertainment event - A concert involving a live musician, a live comedy act, or similar event intended for the entertainment of the audience. Broadcast television or background videos or music does not qualify as live entertainment.
(d) Special event - A convention, trade show, or other like public event with prior approval.
(e) Private event - An event not open to the public such as a wedding, private party, or business meeting, where the facility or a portion of the facility where the event is held is not accessible to the general public during the time of the private event.
(3) Hawking - The practice of selling alcohol in seating areas by roving servers who carry the beverages with them, as outlined in WAC 314-02-058(4). Because of row seating arrangements, servers normally do not have direct access to customers. Therefore, service usually requires that drinks, money, and identification be passed down rows, involving other spectators. Hawking is only allowed at professional sporting events.
(4) Club seats - A specifically designated and controlled seating area that is distinct from general seating with food and beverage service provided by servers directly to the customer.
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