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PDFWAC 308-97-125

Display of trip permits.

How is a trip permit displayed?
The vehicle display copy of the trip permit must be displayed as indicated below. Locations for display are indicated in relation to the vehicle driver when seated in the vehicle.
(1) Passenger cars, neighborhood electric vehicles (NEV), small trucks and campers: Affix permit to the inside lower left corner of the rear window, upright so that it may be easily read.
(2) Trucks, tractors, truck tractors and motor homes: Affix permit to the inside lower right corner of the windshield.
(3) Trailers, semi-trailer, motorcycles and mopeds: Permit must be in possession of the vehicle operator (driver) or driver of the power unit pulling it.
(4) If display of the permit as prescribed above would obstruct the operator's vision, the permit will be displayed in an alternate location, which is visible from outside the vehicle and does not obstruct the operator's view.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.16.160. WSR 04-01-163, § 308-97-125, filed 12/22/03, effective 1/22/04; WSR 98-23-026, § 308-97-125, filed 11/9/98, effective 12/10/98; WSR 81-16-010 (Order DOL 634), § 308-97-125, filed 7/24/81.]
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