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PDFWAC 308-96A-175

Ride-sharing vehicles.

(1) When may the department issue a ride share special license plate? Ride share special license plates may be issued when:
The passenger motor vehicle is primarily used as a commute ride-sharing motor vehicle defined in RCW 46.74.010(1). The vehicle owner may be issued special ride-share license plates by satisfying the provisions of RCW 46.18.285. Any person desiring the special ride-share license plates must make application on a form approved by the department and pay all fees required by chapter 46.12 RCW and the special ride-share license plate fee required by RCW 46.18.285. The owner must then provide:
(a) For privately owned vehicles, a statement that the vehicle is being used as a ride-sharing vehicle; or
(b) For motor vehicles operated by public transportation agencies or by major employers defined in RCW 70.94.524 in commute trip reduction programs, a written statement that the motor vehicle is used as a commuter ride-sharing motor vehicle.
(c) A written statement that the motor vehicle is used for commuter ride-sharing if the passenger motor vehicle is owned, rented or leased by a government agency.
(2) Can the ride-share license plate be transferred to another motor vehicle? To transfer license plates to another motor vehicle, the owner must:
(a) Make application to and receive approval by the department for the replacement passenger motor vehicle; and
(b) Pay applicable fees stated in RCW 46.17.200.
(3) What happens when I remove or transfer special ride-share plates from my vehicle? When you remove or transfer special ride-share license plates from one motor vehicle to another, you must:
(a) Purchase replacement license plates if the motor vehicle will be operated on public highways; and
(b) Pay applicable tax for the remaining license registration period for the vehicle.
(c) If use/sales tax was exempted but the vehicle was used less than thirty-six consecutive months as a ride-share motor vehicle, use tax is due and payable to the department of revenue.
(4) What happens when the ride-share motor vehicle is sold or transferred to another person?
(a) When a ride-share motor vehicle is sold or transferred to another person who will continue to use the passenger motor vehicle as a commuter ride-share vehicle, the new owner must:
(i) Apply for a certificate of title under chapter 46.12 RCW;
(ii) Apply for commuter ride-share exemption; and
(iii) Pay all required fees and taxes including the special license plate fee.
(b) Upon application for registration renewal, the owners of nongovernment ride-share plated vehicles must:
(i) Provide a statement that the motor vehicle is used as a commuter ride-share motor vehicle to continue to be exempt from chapters 82.08, 82.12, and 82.44 RCW; and
(ii) Submit a completed statement approved by the department that the motor vehicle qualifies as a commuter ride-sharing motor vehicle. If the registered owner fails to file a completed recertification form, the department will cancel the special ride-share license plates and the registered owner will need to purchase replacement plates and pay applicable fees and taxes to complete registration renewal.
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