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PDFWAC 308-96A-161

Fleet registration.

(1) What is the purpose of the fleet program? The purpose of the fleet program is to provide a process for business and individual registered owners to have the same expiration date for all of their vehicles and to receive a single billing notice.
(2) What types of fleet programs are available? There are two types of fleet programs, regular and permanent.
(3) What is the difference between a regular and a permanent fleet?
(a) Regular fleets consist of five or more vehicles, all currently titled and registered in exact name agreement (letter for letter and space for space). The owner has the option to purchase monthly gross weight license.
(b) Permanent fleets consist of 50 or more vehicles, all currently titled and registered in exact name agreement (letter for letter and space for space). The owner must purchase gross weight for the entire year. Gross weight license may not be purchased month to month, but may be increased throughout the year.
(4) Who does a fleet owner contact to join the fleet program? Fleet owners who meet the qualifications may contact the department or their local vehicle licensing office to have a fleet account established and a fleet identifier code issued.
(5) Are there any vehicles that may not be part of a fleet? Yes, the following vehicles may not be part of the fleet program:
(a) Snowmobiles;
(b) Trailers with permanent license plates issued under RCW 46.16A.450;
(c) Any vehicle not required to renew annually; and
(d) Prorate vehicles registered under proportional registration as defined in chapter 46.87 RCW.
(6) Will the department remove a fleet from the fleet program? Yes, the department will remove a fleet from the program at the request of the owner or if the number of registered vehicles in the fleet drops below the required minimum.
(7) What happens to a fleet once it is removed from the fleet program? When a fleet is removed from the program the fleet identifier code will be removed from all of the vehicles in the fleet. The owner will then be required to renew them individually.
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