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PDFWAC 308-96A-090

Undercover or confidential license platesVehicle inventory.

(1) How does the department maintain a current inventory listing of vehicles with undercover or confidential license plates?
(a) The department provides an inventory list of vehicles, scheduled to be renewed within the next quarter, to each agency participating in the undercover/confidential vehicle license plate program. Each government agency verifies the accuracy of the information by:
(i) Correcting any erroneous information;
(ii) Deleting vehicles no longer in the program, by marking plainly on the list "deleted" next to the vehicle that needs to be deleted;
(iii) Signing the inventory list certifying that all undercover and confidential license plates shown on the list are being utilized under RCW 46.08.066; and
(iv) Returning the updated inventory list to the department by the date requested. The inventory list may also be returned by sending an email verifying the active plates to the confidential plate program manager.
(b) The department updates the agency inventory based on information submitted by the agencies.
(2) What action may the department take if a government agency fails to return their inventory list? The department may refuse to renew a vehicle(s) shown on the quarterly inventory list until the government agency has complied with the requirements of subsection (1) of this section.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.08.066. WSR 02-21-118, § 308-96A-090, filed 10/23/02, effective 11/23/02; WSR 99-16-020, § 308-96A-090, filed 7/26/99, effective 8/26/99; WSR 98-16-002, § 308-96A-090, filed 7/22/98, effective 8/22/98; WSR 85-11-014 (Order TL/RG-12), § 308-96A-090, filed 5/8/85.]
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