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PDFWAC 308-96A-080

Undercover and confidential license platesApplication procedures.

(1) What are undercover and confidential license plates? They are standard issue license plates assigned only to vehicles owned or operated by government agencies as identified in RCW 46.08.066. These vehicles include, but are not limited to, off road vehicles, trailers, and snowmobiles.
(2) When is an undercover or confidential license plate issued? An undercover or confidential license plate is issued to government agencies when being used in confidential, investigative, or undercover work.
(3) When are undercover and confidential license plates used?
(a) These plates are used for official business by government agencies or any state elected official.
(b) For the personal security of any other public officer, or public employee, for use on an unmarked publicly owned or controlled vehicle for the conduct of business for the period of time required.
(4) How are undercover and confidential vehicles registered?
(a) An undercover license plate record will show fictitious names and addresses on all department records subject to public disclosure.
(b) A confidential license plate record will show the government agency name and address on all department records subject to public disclosure.
(5) Who is responsible for verifying that only fictitious names and addresses are used for undercover vehicle registrations? The individual signing the application.
(6) How does a government agency apply for undercover or confidential license plates?
(a) A completed application form approved by the department needs to be signed by the government agency head or designated contact person.
(b) A copy of the current title, registration or other documents approved by the department of licensing that proves the vehicle is owned or operated by the government agency.
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