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PDFWAC 308-94-050

Snowmobile registration, decals and validating tab—Display.

(1) Where do I carry the snowmobile registration certificate? A snowmobile registration certificate must be:
(a) Carried in the snowmobile for which it was issued; or
(b) Carried on the person of the snowmobile operator; and
(c) Be made available for inspection by any person having the authority to enforce the provisions of the snowmobile act.
(2) How are snowmobile decals/tabs displayed?
(a) Decals showing the registration numbers must be affixed to the right and left side of the snowmobile directly below the windshield on the hood cowling and located so that snow, passenger, driver or load will not obscure them.
(b) The month tabs must be located no more than two inches to the left of the first digit of the decal showing the registration number. Validating year tab must be located no more than two inches from the last digit of the decals showing the registration number on the left side.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.01.110. WSR 02-11-019, § 308-94-050, filed 5/6/02, effective 6/6/02; WSR 01-11-070, § 308-94-050, filed 5/14/01, effective 6/14/01; WSR 98-08-070, § 308-94-050, filed 3/30/98, effective 4/30/98; WSR 87-03-041 (Order TL/RG 29), § 308-94-050, filed 1/16/87; Order 111 MV, § 308-94-050, filed 10/5/71.]
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