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PDFWAC 308-93-446

Personal property lien—Landlord's lien for rent.

(1) What is a landlord's lien for rent? For the purposes of this chapter, a landlord's lien for rent is a process by which a landlord may sell or take ownership of a tenant's vessel as security for rent due.
This chapter does not apply to vessels (including transient vessels) moored or stored at a private moorage facility (see chapter 88.26 RCW).
(2) What documents are required to issue a certificate of ownership for a vessel obtained through the landlord's lien for rent process? The required documents include:
(a) A completed affidavit of landlord lien form provided or approved by the department;
(b) Application for certificate of ownership; and
(c) Other documents that may be required by law or rule.
(3) When is a Washington court order required to issue a certificate of ownership as a result of a landlord's lien for rent? A Washington court order is required when there is no record of the vessel on file with the department.
(4) What laws regulate landlord's liens for rent? Chapters 58.18, 60.10, and 60.72 RCW regulate landlord's liens for rent.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.01.110. WSR 06-17-145, § 308-93-446, filed 8/22/06, effective 9/22/06.]
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