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PDFWAC 308-93-070

Application for certificate of ownership/registration.

(1) When am I required to register my vessel in Washington? Current out-of-state or out-of-country registration will be recognized for a period of sixty days. On or before the sixty-first day, if Washington is to be the principal state of use, you must apply for a Washington state certificate of ownership and/or registration.
(2) What information must be supplied on an application to obtain a Washington vessel certificate of ownership and/or registration? Vessel owners applying for certificate of ownership and/or registration of a vessel must submit an application, which includes:
(a) The name of each registered owner of the vessel and if the vessel is subject to security interest, the name of each legal owner;
(b) The mailing address for one of the registered owners;
(c) The mailing address of the first legal owner (lienholder);
(d) The Washington registration number;
(e) Make and model year;
(f) Length of vessel;
(g) Type of power (gasoline, diesel, etc.);
(h) Primary use (commercial, pleasure, etc.);
(i) Primary method of propulsion (inboard, sail, etc.);
(j) Type of vessel (runabout, cabin, etc.);
(k) Primary vessel construction (fiberglass, wood, etc.);
(l) County of moorage;
(m) Hull identification number;
(n) Latest purchase price and purchase year or, if the vessel was not acquired by purchase, a declaration of value and year of declaration;
(o) The signature of all registered owners.
For the purposes of this section, purchase price or declared value includes the vessel, vessel motor, or engine, and all other equipment and accessories, excluding a boat trailer, purchased or acquired in a single transaction;
(p) United States Coast Guard documentation number, if applicable.
(3) If my vessel is homemade, what information must be supplied on an application for Washington certificate of ownership? In addition to the information listed above in subsection (2) of this section, upon original application for certificate of ownership and/or registration of a homemade vessel, the owner must provide:
(a) Certificates of ownership to any vessels used in the construction of the homemade vessel; or
(b) Bills of sale from the previous registered owners (these must be notarized or certified);
(c) Bills of sale or invoices for materials or parts used in the construction of the homemade vessel;
(d) Declaration of Value (TD-420-737). This form is used to establish the value of the vessel;
(e) Vessel Data Form.
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