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PDFWAC 308-91-095

Trip leasing.

What are the requirements for trip leasing? The requirements for trip leasing are as follows:
(1) The lessor's vehicles must be prorated in this state or operated under authority of vehicle trip permits.
(2) The duration of the lease agreement is for a single trip and cannot exceed thirty days.
(3) A completed copy of the trip lease agreement must be carried in the lessor's vehicle throughout the duration of the lease.
(4) All mileage accumulated throughout the duration of the trip lease agreement will be recorded by the lessor and become a part of the lessor's mileage reporting period. The mileage records, trip reports, and trip lease agreement must be maintained by the lessor for a period of four years following the mileage reporting period.
(5) The lessor of a trip lease agreement is responsible for licensing and recordkeeping.
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