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PDFWAC 308-48-132

Funeral director licensure requirements.

An applicant for a license as a funeral director shall meet the following requirements:
(1) Be at least eighteen years of age;
(2) Complete the following education requirements at an accredited institution approved by the board:
(a) Obtain an associate of arts degree in mortuary science; or
(b) Complete two years of college course work as follows:
(i) Obtain sixty semester credits or ninety quarter credits of college-level instruction with a minimum 2.0 grade point, or a grade of C or better, in courses listed in (b)(ii) of this subsection.
(ii) Credits shall include one course in psychology, one in mathematics, two courses in English composition, two courses in social science, and three courses selected from the following subjects: Behavioral sciences, public speaking, counseling, business administration and management, computer science, and first aid.
(3) Complete a one-year internship with a licensed funeral director; and
(4) Pass an examination in the funeral arts and an examination in the laws of this state pertaining to the handling, care, transportation, and disposition of human remains and the contents of chapter 18.39 RCW.
(5) An applicant's military training or experience may satisfy some or all of the education and training requirements for licensure as determined by the board on a case-by-case basis.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 68.05.105 and 18.39.175. WSR 20-09-031, § 308-48-132, filed 4/6/20, effective 5/7/20.]
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