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Chapter 308-47A WAC

Last Update: 4/6/20


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF308-47A-020Final disposition of reduced human remains—Permit.
HTMLPDF308-47A-030Final disposition permit application procedure.
HTMLPDF308-47A-040Final disposition of reduced human remains—Records and documentation.



(1) "Authorizing agent" means the person(s) legally entitled to control the disposition of the human remains.
(2) "Final disposition" means burial, entombment, inurnment or scattering.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 68.05.105 and 18.39.175. WSR 20-09-031, § 308-47A-010, filed 4/6/20, effective 5/7/20.]


Final disposition of reduced human remainsPermit.

(1) An authorizing agent or person or persons who have the right to control final disposition of reduced human remains under RCW 68.50.160(3) to dispose of human remains may do so without a permit.
(2) The authorizing agent may designate another person or entity to dispose of the reduced human remains. Where the designee regularly or occasionally disposes of reduced human remains for others, the designee must register to obtain a disposition permit to dispose of reduced human remains by land, sea, or air, where such disposition is made outside dedicated cemetery property.
(3) Reduced human remains may be scattered in any legal manner including:
(a) National parks, after receiving permission from the chief park ranger.
(b) State trust uplands, after receiving permission from the regional manager for each scattering.
(c) Public navigable waters under state control, including Puget Sound, Strait of Juan de Fuca, rivers, streams, and lakes.
(d) The Pacific Ocean beyond the mean lower low water mark. These scatterings must follow U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's General Permit for Burial at Sea. This includes reporting the burial within thirty days to the regional administrator of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, Region 10.
(e) Private land, with the permission of the landowner.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 68.05.105 and 18.39.175. WSR 20-09-031, § 308-47A-020, filed 4/6/20, effective 5/7/20.]


Final disposition permit application procedure.

(1) Designees who regularly or occasionally dispose of reduced human remains must submit an application for a final disposition permit on a form prescribed by the board and pay the application fee.
(2) All final disposition permits issued under this rule shall be issued for the calendar year and shall expire at midnight, the thirty-first day of January of each year, or at whatever time during any year that ownership or control of any permit holder is transferred or sold.
(3) The final disposition permit fees shall be as set forth in chapter 308-48 WAC and the department shall collect in advance the fees required for licensing.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 68.05.105 and 18.39.175. WSR 20-09-031, § 308-47A-030, filed 4/6/20, effective 5/7/20.]


Final disposition of reduced human remainsRecords and documentation.

(1) Final disposition permit holders must provide a certificate of disposition of human remains to the authorizing agent or person authorizing the disposition. The certificate shall identify:
(a) The name of the deceased;
(b) The location and date of the disposition of the human remains;
(c) The manner of disposition (boat, air, or other);
(d) The name of the authorizing agent; and
(e) The name of the funeral home, crematory, hydrolysis facility, natural organic reduction facility, or cemetery arranging the service, if applicable.
(2) Final disposition permit holders must:
(a) Maintain copies of records required under subsection (1) of this section for seven years from the date of disposition; and
(b) Make records available for inspection by the board.
(3) Final disposition permit holders shall report the number of dispositions performed in the previous year on the annual renewal form supplied by the department.
(a) Failure to provide such a report shall automatically suspend the permit.
(b) Such permit may be restored by making the proper report to the department.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 68.05.105 and 18.39.175. WSR 20-09-031, § 308-47A-040, filed 4/6/20, effective 5/7/20.]