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PDFWAC 308-15-020


(1) "Geologic interpretation," as applied to the practice of geology and its specialties, is the process used to evaluate geologic conditions based on review of available information, and observation and testing of rock, soil material and groundwater characteristics.
(2) "Geologic work of a character satisfactory to the board" means that the applicant's qualifying work history consists of professional experience in the practice of geology. Geologic work requires applying sufficient education, knowledge, and experience to geologic problems by investigating, and acquiring surface and subsurface data, and measuring, interpreting, and reporting on the physical properties of the earth. Implicit in this definition is the understanding and pertinence of professional responsibility and integrity, and performance under minimal supervision. Professional geologic work specifically does not include routine activities by themselves such as drafting, sample collection, sample preparation, or routine laboratory work, where the elements of scientific judgment and interpretation are not required, nor does it include activities which do not use scientific methods to interpret geologic data. Professional geology work also does not include engineering or other physical sciences where geology investigation, analysis and interpretation are not used. Professional specialty experience is considered to meet the requirements of this definition.
(3) "National Association of State Boards of Geology" or "ASBOG" means the organization responsible for developing, publishing and grading National Geologist Licensing Examinations.
(4) "Professional specialty practice of a character satisfactory to the board" means that the applicant has qualifying work history pertinent to the specialty that meets the standards for professional geologic work defined in subsection (2) of this section. Elements, typical applications, and example project types, for the engineering geologist and hydrogeologist specialties are defined in WAC 308-15-053.
(5) "Reciprocity" means the issuance of a license without examination as a geologist or specialty geologist to an applicant who holds a license or certificate of qualifications issued by proper authority of any state, territory, or possession of the United States, District of Columbia, or any foreign country, if the applicant meets the requirements outlined in WAC 308-15-040 for a geologist license, in WAC 308-15-055 for an engineering geologist license, and in WAC 308-15-057 for a hydrogeologist license.
(6) "Year of professional practice" means at least 1600 hours of work in the practice of geology within one calendar year. Examples of a "year of professional practice" include 200 eight-hour days or 160 ten-hour days within one year. Part-time work will be counted on a prorated basis.
(7) "Year of professional specialty practice" means at least 1600 hours of work in a specialty within one calendar year, per examples given in subsection (6) of this section.
(8) "Geologist in training" means an individual who has met the educational requirements described in WAC 308-15-040(2), and has passed the ASBOG Fundamentals of Geology examination, but does not meet the experience requirements outline in WAC 308-15-040(3).
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