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PDFWAC 308-12-005


(1) "Architect of record" is the architect whose name appears on the building permit.
(2) "ARE" or "examination" means the architect registration examination written and administered by NCARB.
(3) "Building" means "structure" as defined in RCW 18.08.320.
(4) "Direct supervision," as in the phrase "under the direct supervision of an architect," as used in connection with architectural work experience for qualification and eligibility for the examination shall refer to any of the following conditions or situations:
(a) The supervising architect is an employer who is knowledgeable of the performance and competence of the applicant.
(b) The supervising architect works for the same employer as the applicant, and is either the direct superior of the applicant, or a co-worker knowledgeable and responsible for the efforts of the applicant.
(c) The supervising architect is licensed in an NCARB-recognized jurisdiction.
(5) "Entire examination" as referred to in RCW 18.08.360(3) means all divisions of the ARE.
(6) "Institution of higher education" as used in RCW 18.08.320 means a college or school recognized by the National Architectural Accreditation Board (NAAB) as having accredited programs in architecture.
(7) "Intern development program" or "IDP" is a structured internship training program designed to provide a profession-wide, comprehensive program that contributes to the development of competent architects.
(8) "NCARB" means the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, of which the Washington board is a member.
(9) "Practical architectural work experience" means performing activities involved in the practice of architecture, as defined in RCW 18.08.320 and meeting the criteria in RCW 18.08.350.
(10) Professional development equivalents:
(a) One professional development hour (PDH) is equal to no less than fifty minutes of instruction.
(b) For professional development through an institution of higher education:
(i) One semester hour equals forty-five PDH.
(ii) One quarter hour equals thirty PDH.
(11) "Technical submission" means designs, drawings, specifications, studies, and other technical documents prepared in the course of practicing architecture.
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