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PDFWAC 308-110-030

Administration of examinations.

(1) Schools and examiners must conduct skills tests using routes that meet department standards.
(2) Knowledge test questions must be supplied by the department or meet department criteria.
(3) Knowledge tests must be conducted in an area separate from classroom instruction or when a class is not in session, minimizing distractions or interactions.
(4) Examinations must be conducted by examiners.
(5) Knowledge test results may be used to obtain a driver license for no more than two years from the date of completion.
(6) Skills test results may be used to obtain a driver license for no more than one year from the date of completion.
(7) In accordance with the department's guidelines, schools must refer to the department for testing any applicant who has a condition that may impair their ability to operate a motor vehicle safely.
(8) Prior to administering the knowledge and skills tests, schools must ensure that applicants are at least fifteen years of age. When the applicant is less than eighteen years of age, the applicant must have successfully completed a traffic safety education course.
(9) Prior to administering the skills test, schools will ensure that applicants are properly informed regarding testing requirements and their test results. Schools must also inform applicants of the school's current retesting, refund, and grievance policies and procedures.
(10) Applicants must possess one of the following to participate in the skills testing portion of the examination:
(a) A Washington instruction permit issued under RCW 46.20.055;
(b) A temporary authorization to drive issued on a form prescribed by the department; or
(c) A valid foreign driver's license.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.01.110 and 46.82.450. WSR 12-17-059, ยง 308-110-030, filed 8/10/12, effective 9/10/12.]
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