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PDFWAC 308-102-140

Informal settlement—Interview.

The interview shall be held before a presiding officer who, in making the decision, shall consider any of the following:
(1) Oral testimony or argument offered by, for, or on behalf of the person seeking review;
(2) Affidavits from the individuals claiming the loss and/or from a representative of any insurance carrier that has a subrogated interest therein;
(3) Investigating officer's reports of the accident in question;
(4) Court records of convictions or bail forfeitures submitted to the department of licensing and arising out of the accident in question;
(5) The financial responsibility files concerning the person seeking review;
(6) Affidavits or witness testimony of the person seeking review; and
(7) Any other evidence relevant to the issues to be determined.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.01.110. WSR 92-08-045, § 308-102-140, filed 3/25/92, effective 4/25/92; Order 466-DOL, § 308-102-140, filed 12/30/77; Order MV-302, § 308-102-140, filed 3/31/75.]
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