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PDFWAC 308-100-400

Formal hearingsā€”Continuances.

(1) After a hearing has been scheduled pursuant to RCW 46.25.120(5), it may be continued, rescheduled, or adjourned only at the discretion of the hearing officer.
(2) A hearing officer must continue a hearing scheduled pursuant to RCW 46.25.120(5) in the event a law enforcement officer whose attendance is required fails to appear. A hearing continued under this subsection must be adjourned until such time as the officer may be compelled to attend by issuance of a subpoena under RCW 46.20.332. A subpoena issued to compel the attendance of an officer is subject to enforcement under RCW 7.21.060.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 46.01.110, 46.20.308, 46.25.120. WSR 06-15-081, Ā§ 308-100-400, filed 7/14/06, effective 8/14/06.]
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