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PDFWAC 30-40-110

Acquisition of works of art.

(1) The commission enters into an interagency agreement with any partner agency generating one-half of one percent funds and/or hosting a site for a work of art in the state art collection.
(2) Methods of selecting artists and works of art.
(a) Commissioning new works of art. The primary method of acquisition is by commissioning new works of art through an art selection committee. The public artist roster (WAC 30-40-120) is the tool for selecting artists for commissioning except as specified in (d) of this subsection.
(b) Curated purchase. Staff facilitates a process whereby a curator recommends work(s) of art for art selection committee approval. The curator roster (WAC 30-40-130) is the tool for selecting curators for recommendations except as specified in (d) of this subsection.
(c) Resiting. Works of art may be resited with any partner agency pursuant to WAC 30-40-060 (3)(g) and in accordance with the collection care policy.
(d) An open call. In consultation with the director of a partner agency, staff may elect to manage an open call for artists to be considered for the commissioning of a new work(s) of art or for curators to recommend existing works of art through a curated purchase. The open call process is managed pursuant to WAC 30-12-017 (Applications) and WAC 30-12-030 (Panels) unless otherwise noted in this subsection.
(i) A partner agency art selection committee may act as the panel for the application review process.
(ii) In addition to artists who apply to the open call, the art selection committee may review and consider all eligible artists from the public artist roster.
(iii) Artwork selection committee decisions regarding acquisitions are final and do not need board approval.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 43.46.040. WSR 18-02-086, § 30-40-110, filed 1/2/18, effective 2/2/18. Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.46 RCW. WSR 10-23-102, § 30-40-110, filed 11/16/10, effective 12/17/10.]
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