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PDFWAC 296-96-24301

Applicable regulations.

All material hoist installations, maintenance, repair, and tests shall comply with the edition of ANSI/ASSE A10.5 Safety Requirements for Material Hoists under the edition to which they were installed. EXCEPTION: Lifts and hoists for material that are erected temporarily for use during construction work only and are designed in one of the following ways:
(1) Powered platforms used for and temporarily constructed in conjunction with exterior work on building facades or to erect scaffolding, not intended to move material from one landing to another; and
(2) Portable lifts for material only.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.87 RCW. WSR 18-18-070, ยง 296-96-24301, filed 8/31/18, effective 10/1/18.]
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